Welcome to the home of the Payswitch.

We have developed this system to assist companies and organisations of all sizes in their efforts to increase their cash flow by minimizing their risk of loss.

Our system allows companies to collect their monthly fees for services rendered with a proven method that will increase the success rate of recurring payments via a debit order. We allow transactions to run on a polling system (a debit order that continuously tracks the nominated account of the creditor for a pre-determined length of time and not a nominated date only) This protects not only the client from having a “bounce” on their account but also allows the company to collect their funds in a timeous manner. Our transactions have, by default, a three day polling option included in the fee. This ensures that,  in the event of your client’s funds not being available on the nominated date, the company will still receive the funds the next day or the day thereafter.

Our platform has been developed over many years. It started off as a service developed to assist micro cash loan businesses to retrieve their funds from their clients. Today it is one of the most popular platforms used by corporations to collect their monthly fees. Service providers such as schools, estate agencies, debt collectors, security companies and almost every industry that collects recurring payments make use of this simple platform.

According to the latest market research, there has been a noticeable decrease of regular payments, which in turn puts strain on the cashflow of companies. The method in which to manage a business has changed significantly over the last 10 to 15 years and the financial liquidity of a business is no longer calculated by comparing the income versus the expenses.  In this difficult economic climate it’s all about cash flow.  The classic cliché of “Cash is King” makes more sense now than ever before. Today it is all about timing, it is about getting the necessary money in to keep the company’s doors open and be in a position to cover costs.

We all have those clients that don’t pay! Have you ever considered the costs involved in collecting your outstanding money? One could do it in-house or even hire a debt collector. Whichever way you go about it, it is a costly exercise with no guarantee of success. Next, let’s consider all that time and the fact that it is also spent on the phone, making several calls to several debtors daily. Each call is money lost; it’s the profit that gets eaten away.

Some companies have a courtesy SMS campaign, running biweekly to remind their clients to make sure funds are available. These additional services and systems prove to be costly yet unsuccessful. Take a moment and consider all these costs, compared to the success rate. Wouldn’t you want your company to be on a pro-active system? Wouldn’t you want the cashflow projection to be spot on?

Feel free to contact us to find out how our platform can assist you, and save you money.