How It Works

Basic Requirements

You will need the Admin System to be installed on your computer, it may be a Desktop or a Laptop.
The computer can be 32 / 64 bit processor and must have Widonws 7 or higher installed.
An internet connection will be required.

Our Admin System is designed to allow the user to work with clients and define:
–Loans according to NCR specifications,
–Investments for CFI investors and
–Debit Orders whilst not connected to the Internet

Synchronization is activated by the user or by the system (in the background) at a pre-defined interval, this happens when an Internet Connection is available.

Clients Tab

  • Load all clients into the database.
  • Information required:
    • Reference for all clients as per your preference
    • All personal information (Client Details)
    • Reference (Next of Kin)
    • Banking Details required for Debit Order
    • Affordability as per regulations (Affordability Schedule)


  • Capture Loan on existing client and Approve
  • All documents to be printed according to specifications of NCR
    • 1. Affordability
    • 2. Pre-Agreement
    • 3. Credit Agreement
    • 4. Mandate
  • Credit Insurance can be added onto loan if required
  • PLEASE NOTE: Adding the Debit Order cost for the clients account on the debit order is against the law. We will not take any responsibility for any unlawful costs added to clients debit orders.

Debit Orders

  • Debit orders to be created on existing clients
  • Reports Available:
    • Successful / Unsuccessful
    • Polling
    • Unpaid
    • Future transactions
  • Platforms available
    • ACB/EFT
    • AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Order)
    • NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order)


  • Investments to be created on existing clients
  • Interest calculated on a daily basis


  • Synchronize Transactions
  • Synchronization will take place whenever a Internet Connection is available.
  • Transactions will be synchronized and uploaded to the System Server